Jerome is one of the cutest cities I have been to. Nestled and stacked on the side of a mountain in Northern Arizona, it makes me feel that timeless real life magic that I like to pretend surrounds us everyday (if you block out fast food, walmart, and cash for gold stores..sick sprawl).

Anyway, Here's a little sketch I did of the city.


Happy Monday Everyone. 


If you are reading this, you have found my new website. I put on my travel boots and braved through Zone Files and DNS (what?!) Sections of the land of the unknown. I have no idea what any of it is, but alas - here we are together. 

I hope you like it, that it's easier to navigate, cleaner and more organized. If you have any crits or problems that I am not seeing, please let me know - as I don't dare pretend to be a web developer. I paint. And drink lots of coffee, that's what I do.

Thanksgiving is for family.

And this Thanksgiving, check out the new illustration in the fall issue of CraftSanity Magazine.

The illustration involves a small girl who takes a peek on a little Turkey family.

Little Turkey Whisperer Detail

Little Turkey Whisperer Detail

It also comes with an embroidery pattern, and this issue, yours truly created the embroidery. Jennifer, creator of the magazine, taught me how to emboider before I left Michigan, and I tried my skill at it and had a blast. You can see all three creations when the mag comes out soon. 

Coming up next: mural planning, new paintings , and a brand new...*gasp* website! Stay tuned...