This postcard is a free gift, along with all the other letters of the alphabet, inside the current issue of FLOW Magazine!   Check them out - their magazine is really one of thee TOP magazines on my list. 


I also did a whole series of Bible Parody Illustrations for Gorilla Pictures this summer, and I need to put those in my portfolio soon. But here's one to hold you over ;)



Busier than...

...a one armed paper hanger.  

(Of course, a quote from Dolly Parton in my favorite movie of all time, Steel Magnolias.) 

But yes! That one armed paper hanger is I. We moved to Denver, I set up my studio, and I have many many projects to catch up on, finish and start.  


Stay sweet!  


Here is the editorial piece I did for the Wall Street Journal this past week. I thought I might give you a little run down on the process, as I always enjoy seeing that from other illustrators.



It was an awesome challenge, and I was very happy for the opportunity! 


Up next: We are relocating to Denver this week! I am stoked, and don't really know anything about Denver or its art scene, so I'm looking forward to new faces, places, and opportunities. If you, or someone you know lives in or loves Denver, I'd be grateful for any advice! Whats great there? Who should I meet? What Gallery is your favorite?