This month I finished a project for Portland Alternative Dwellings, creating three illustrations to be used on some merchandise, and also to be shown to little ones during school tours! Here are the sketches and the finished pieces. 

They are 12x16, Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Bristol Paper. The Camping piece was also sprayed with an acrylic spray paint. 



If you check out the actual gallery on my website, you can see more details. And if you're in Denver, Dee Williams will be reading tonight at the Tattered Cover downtown at 7:30 from her new book 'The Big Tiny'! These original illustrations will be there tonight too, and you can see them in person!


Hoorah! I have more to share with you but for now, enjoy these little animal cuties!


OH! ANNNNND I will have prints this week. I am going to try my damnedest to put them up for sale by tomorrow. I need more hands. And more hours in the day. 


This year has already been insane. INSANE. Great but so busy. Where's the time to explore Denver, make new friends, and paint for myself?

Here are a couple of project's I recently finished:

FLOW's Tiny House Article. This one was so fun. I did the single page and a spread and a couple spots. You can check them all out here! These were done in acrylic and graphite on acrylic painting paper. 

I also recently finished an editorial piece for Sal Oppenhiem's Client Magazine, 225 Plus, for an article about Russian Literature. Check out some details here. Also showing a little sketch!

And...lets see, I've done a couple editorial pieces for the Wall Street Journal and AAA Washington...

And.....every Monday I've been working on a fundraiser to raise money to attend ICON 8, the Illustration Conference this summer in Portland OR. My friend and fellow illustrator, Greg Oberle and I have been selling a piece every week for ten weeks. I cannot wait to attend the conference - Carson Ellis is speaking and I might barf or pass out in the crowd. Either way, everyone that has been entering their names to purchase the paintings every week needs to be hugged. You're all SO awesome. Here's one of the pieces I finished for it. 

Stayed tuned in the next month, as prints of these pieces are coming your way! 


AND I think that's it. I won't bore you with all the other stuff that takes up my time like taxes and income and expenses and shipping and packing and invoicing and eating and cleaning up cat puke and client contracts and all the other fun stuff involved with being an illustrator. 



I was invited to do some illustrations for the last issue of Flow Magazine for their article about friendship lists. I love working for them - they are always such sweet and fresh projects and I have so much freedom to create what I really want to. Here are some illustrations for the article..

Woohoo! Coffee toast to working with incredible people all over the world. Even though most of my days are spent alone, I am lucky to feel connected to so many people.