February 21 :: Sheep! (A Day Late!)

Yesterday was February 21 - I have to admit I'm a day late on this one. I think you'll forgive me when you see my reason...

I think can all agree that no matter how enticing Pinterest is, watching lambs escape from the barn and wander up onto your porch takes the cake. 

Saturday night, I was joined by four other incredible Nashville artists, as we slept over in a farmhouse, hiked to a waterfall, ate homemade food, played drawing games and attempted the Ouija Board (which sadly doesn't seem to work when you're an adult). The getaway was put on by our new studio, The Warren, which will be opening soon - I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Yesterday's drawing is dedicated to all those gals who melted along with me at the baby sheep. To see more sheep illustrations, head over the Flow Magazine's Friends of Flow Pinterest Board!  

Check out the other artists I stayed with: Kayla Stark , Katie Turner , Ava Puckett, Hannah Beasley 

Happy Monday! Check back this afternoon with today's second Pinterest post! 

February 19 :: Bees!

I was terrified by bees as a child. My mother's advice:  just stay still - they won't hurt you if you don't move. And then one day I was sitting on my swing and a bee came along and rested on my shoulder. I was terrified, but I sat bone still, breathless, waiting for the bee to move along. And then it stung me. For years after, I just flailed like an idiot every time a bee was in sight. Now I love them, I welcome them, and they fascinate me. 


Today we celebrate bees and the awesome little friends they are. Here are some bee facts that will make your Friday even more magical than Fridays already are. And if you want to see more bees, of course go check out the Flow Magazine Friends of Flow Pinterest Board!

Happy Friday! And just remember: Beeeeeeeee yourself!