Real Quick!

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Hello Lovelies.

I'm up too late in a coffee shop because I'm too cheap for internet, and am leaving town for the dirty south at 5 in the morning. Ahh! Ill upload pictures of my adventure. I'm taking along a handsome man. It should be amazing.

But... I wanted to remind you that Cellegratonia, the short film I had the joy of helping with this past spring, was released for free! Check it out! Also, check out the rest of the NEWWORDS films...they are pretty amazing.


I've also been asked to create the cover illustration for Comment Magazine for their next issue, so I'll keep you updated on that! So many things to share...

Happy New Year!


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It wouldn't be right for me to not post pictures of the UICA Market, but A) please forgive my terrible photography skills and B) uhhh please forgive me for my terrible photography skills.

Little Fridge Friends!

Little Tea Friends!

The set up!


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Wonderful Winter Happenings...

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There is a lot of snow on the ground. I finished my BFA this past week. I shared the world's best lasagna with my friends last night...and that is just the beginning.

In the beginning of December, I saw many wonderful faces at the UICA Holiday Artists' Market, some old and some new, and it was a great time! If you're still looking for gifts, the co-op shop at the UICA will be open until the 23rd of December, so stop in and grab some local finds. (I'll be working there tomorrow and Wedensday and I would love visitors). The market is where Beth and I debuted our line of OH DEAR goods, which went spectacular! If your interested in purchasing some for yourself, check out our online shop, and if you purchase a stocking tomorrow or Wedensday, you might just see that they are half off! That's a deal.


In other news, I bought a new paper cutter. I spoiled myself. Thank you 40% coupon! I'm the biggest nerd in the world. I'm too cheap to buy internet (thank you local coffee shops) and I sure as heck don't buy new pants when I need them, but I spend entirely too much on art supplies. When I need a fix, I need a fix, Who can blame me?

 What else can I tell you?

Oh yes. I am officially represented by 2 retail locations, this time, in my own town! Yours Truly has taken me on board, where I will be developing my own line of greeting cards, which can I tell you, I am thoroughly ecstatic over! I have always wanted to do this, as I stated before, I am a total nerd. I love paper, stationary, cards, envelopes, printing...all of that. So, if you're on Cherry St., stop on down and pick up a magent or a card or two. (I will update on this, as I think I will be having about 16 cards in there when the hectic holiday season is over!)

And...You should know, I saved the best story for last! This year, I had the joy of working with Joe Kolean and Chad Vickery (and others) on a short film called Cellegratonia. This short film was part of a collection of 26 short films, and was released in October of this year. News is out, that on December 25th, NEWWORDS is releasing a Holiday Surprise! This means you will be able to watch Cellegratonia for FREE! How exciting. The whole DVD is available for purchase online, or you can purchase it directly on your computer. Check it out!

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Oh Boy oh boy OH BOY

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I told my roomate to listen to one zero point zero five for all the best Christmas music. Apparently it has been much too long since I have listened to the radio, as it is prounounced One Hundred point Five. Either has been on day and night and I am motivated to create, create, create.

First and foremost let me share with you, an incredible time had this past Saturday. My roomate, who is busier than I (which is insanely busy) had Saturday night free. Free! And I did too! It was amazing...we went thrifting, bought tons of old ornaments and tons of scaps of fabric and ribbon, and spent the whole night creating ornaments and decorating our tree. It was a complete and much needed blast. My fella came and made hot chocolate and fell asleep amidst our festive celebration. He was not prepared for the intensity of Christmas cheer. Alas, here are some pictures of our decorations!


So I bought the tree for dirt cheap online, and upon arrival to check the thing out, I felt as though I had to buy it. I had looked this people up online. I had driven to their home. I had fifteen ones in my pocket. And I did buy it, despite the fact that it came in two peices and the bottom piece was rigged to a tree base made of a huge sheet of plywood that was not detachable. I don't know how it fit into my compact car but it did.I got it home and thought "There's no way I'm keeping this ugly thing...until Rena, my roomate, got home and had the best laugh about it and decided even though it is ugly, we need to keep it. It needed us. And so it's ours.  We made it look nice..I think those people that sold it to me would be proud...Here she is...all lit up and pretty. Tilly has found that he enjoys her too. He sits inside of her and eats her branches like the monster cat he is.

Aside from this wonderful adventure, I have been busy with two things:

The first is the UICA Holiday Artists' Market, held at the UICA on Dec. 3 from 5-9 and Dec. 4 from 10-5. This is my third year participating in this event, and I am very thrilled to be there again selling work, alongside countless talented artists.  The past couple of days, I have been busy painting magnets and switchplates...


 Little Fridge FrieThese little guys are handpainted dominoes, with the round magnets on the back. You might recognize these little gems from last year's market, where everyone was uniquely one-of-a-kind..and same is true for this year. Also like the last one, I will be selling little rummy magnets with simpler images but still just as cute. The large ones are priced at $12 and the smaller ones will be priced at $9.






These are the Little Light Friends. This little bunch is actually on its way to OOP, a gift shop in Providenc, Rhode Island, but I will be painting many more to bring to the Holiday Market. This covers are metal, and are painting with ink and acrylic. Each one is covered with a hard furniture coat to protect the artwork, should the plate need to be cleaned. As with the magents, each switchplate is unlike the rest, unique and individual. I will have single and double plates available for $26 each.

For those of you who are looking for something for your wall rather than as a home furnishing, I will be selling prints and framed paintings and drawings at the market as well. Hope to see you all there!





 The second thing I have been busy with is a collaboration project I am working on, called   OH DEAR. Beth Forrest and I are teaming up to bring you a whole line of goods from bags to potholders to coasters and totes. I have created a range of illustrations that are printed on the fabric, and Beth is busy sewing each and every one. We will be debuting our line at the UICA Holiday Artists' Market, but also be selling them online through our blog.

(Left) This is one of our baby zipper pouches, which is  3"x4" and priced at $12. There are five different designs of these, and (below) this is one of the mini zipper pouches, which is 3"x7" and priced at $23. There are three different designs of this size.





Ahhhh...time to work and paint and eat soup. Thanks for reading! I'll post again soon!

I was an elf in a past life.

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So, Here is the promised picture of the tea bag costume. I even won an award for my costume! I won a stuffed reindeer. It was a wonderful day, hung out with the fam, my wonderful mother planned a hayride for everyone, we made homemade hummus and pumpkin was truly a treat.

And's time for Christmas. I'll admit to you, I have been listening to Christmas music for at least 2 weeks now. I want to dress like an elf, becasue I think it would make me work faster. I also already have the nose and the chin for it. 

I have been working like crazy on new magnets and switchplates, which I will be shipping to Providence, and selling locally. At the UICA Artist Market, Dec 3 and 4th, I will be bringing back the one of the kind Fridge Friends, each one handpainted and unique. I will also be selling handpainted teapots, prints, 3-d ornaments and other goodies.

For OH DEAR, Beth and I started cutting lining and backing for our projects, anticipating the arrival of our printed fabric on Tuesday. It is going to be an amazing feat to have everything done, but get it done, we will, even if I do have to, literally, dress like an elf. I also found out that the UICA retail store will be selling artist's work up until the 23rd! So you last minute shoppers still have a chance!

Ill be posting more images of the new work soon, so keep you eyes peeled!


I'm going to be a teabag for Halloween.

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What?! It's Halloween already?!

I have been waay too busy...but I will share with you what I have been busy with, and you can decide for yourself if you think it's cool or not. I think it's pretty cool. Fun anyway. I am almost finished with my illustrations for this winter's Craft Sanity Magazine.

I am doing gift tags and paper dolls....and here is a sneak peak of one of the gift tags. There will be 9 in all, which you can cut out and use on your gifts! The paper doll I will leave up to your imagination until the publication runs...but I will tell you she might be sewing....

I have also been busy creating illustrations for a new collaborative project I have been working on with artist, Elizabeth Forrest. We are creating potholders, coasters, zipper bags, calendars, and more with the illustrations of yours truly. Though none of the actual projects are finished, here are some of the illustrations to be used...

Ice Cream Zipper Pouch (5"x7")

Vegetable Potholder (6"x8")

There are TONS more which I will post when more of them get made. To check out more illustrations or to find out more about the OH DEAR project, visit us.

Our first debut of these good will be at the UICA Holiday Artists' Market on Dec 3rd and 4th. We will also be selling them online. If you do decide to come to the Holiday Market (which you should because the UICA is amazing and there are a ton of amazing artists there and it totally gets you in the holiday spirit and you can support local artists while shopping for your loved ones...and even the ones you don't love so much) than you can find more of my work. I will be selling prints, painted teappots, Little Fridge Friends, and little head ornaments. Maybe whatever else I can scavenge up from my studio...

Next time I'll show you my Teabag Costume. Are you excited?


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New Work...

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As always, many things going on...

Elizabeth and I are going strong on the Women + The Arts Fundraising project, and all the while, in planning/production stages of our new products, including illustrated stockings, bags, pot holders, coasters and more...we will keep you posted: OH DEAR.

In other news, I am working on a painting for my upcoming show at Byrneboehm Gallery this coming March. It is so much fun...I have no one to please at this point in the project, so I can combine everything I have learned and verything I love. I don't know if the end product will work, but I am loving painting it....and isn't that the point?

Im showing some process pics here...the show should be's a two person show, with Aneka Ingold, whose work is amazing. Her paintings are absolutely gorgeous. If you around in March, it will be a show not to miss..

"EVERYDAY IS CAKE DAY" Oil on panel, unfinished...

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What's happening in my life, besides banana waffles and orange leaves?

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First, let me share with you, a little collaborative project I am working on, with artist, Elizabth Forrest. We are teaming up to bring you, OH DEAR. It will be a line of products, illustrated by yours truly, and sewn by Beth. The first project we are working on together, is for the Women + The Arts Fundraiser at the UICA, happening at the end of this month. The project entails a poem, by Linda Nemec Foster, an illustration by me, and the sewing done by Beth. All of this couldn't be possible without the help of Stephen Rainey (fabrics master), my beautiful mother (who has way too much on her hands, but still drove an hour and a half to help out), and my handsome fella, Matthew would helped me cut fabric this morning.

We will then be creating pieces for the UICA Holiday Artist's Market...I will have some work there on my own, as will she, but togther, we will be selling one of a kind stockings, zipper bags, potholders, and more..Exciting Stuff. Be sure to stay tuned: OH DEAR


In other news,  I am working on some stuff for a magazine, called CraftSanity. You might already be familiar with this, for Jennifer has been doing blogs and podcasts for six years now. She is now introducing a printed and PDF form magazine, filled with goodies and patterns and news about current crafters. In this upcoming issue, you can find the first of the paper doll series, where I will be illustrating a paper doll, Priar. I will also be illustrating some little gift tags for you to use on your very own gifts this holiday your eyes peeled and I will keep you updated.

Helping animals...because they are our friends...

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I wanted to share with you some info about a benefit going on Oct 16th, in Berkely, MI.

Saturday, October 16 at 9:00pm - October 17 at 2:00am

Location The Berkley Front
3087 West 12 Mile Road
Berkley, MI

Created By

More Info Hosted by Party for Life on behalf of All Species Kinship!

The Details:

$5 cover with costume, $7 cover w/o costume! This is so cheap that we aren't sure if there could be any reason NOT to attend!

Raffle prizes
Costume Contest


Doors 9pm, upper level of bar

Bands/Performers Donating Their Talents:

Dirty Mitten Funk Band
The Villains
Abida Blaze (Belly Dancin!)
Michael Jackson Tribute performer, Michael Joseph Green

More to be Announced!

100% of all proceeds directly benefit A.S.K., so how can you resist! ?! Wear your costume, bring some friends, enjoy great entertainment & company for the great cause of helping neglected animals!



ok, where do I fit in? Well, besides loving animals and knowing some of the folks at allspecieskinship, I am designing t-shirts for the organization, and they will be sold at this event! Hop on down, buy a shirt, buy a drink, and donate to an amazing cause...

Two days in a row? Watch out...

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Here I go, unable to decide what to do with my life if it turns out Im lucky enough to have a full one. I miss rendering but when I sit down to do it I get so antsy. Do I do retail, gallery work? Commercial work? I think I just want to draw and have someone else take care of the logistics. I just want to paint today.

Here is a photo of a painting in progress....Ill warm you, it's nothing like my other stuff, but I suppose it's healthy to experiment. It actually started out as a class project, but I am taking liberties to complete ruin it if that means me learning...

and a detail...

Now what to do with the back ground? Sorry these images are not that great...Ill have a better one when I finish it...


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Yes, Yes. It's time to tackel the ever looming problem of self branding. I have had business cards in the past, stamps made, websites done...but the problem is, I always get too antsy and change things and they never follow the same pattern.

So, now is the time for some serious renovation. Im uploading a quick sketch from a brainstorming session. I am still undecided, but I suupose I need to get on it pretty soon.


In other news, I made eggplant spaghetti for myself tonight. The leaves are changing color...and I am one of the luckiest and most blessed people in the world. I am eternally thankful for the amazing people I have surrounding me, and for all of the opportunities I am able to partake in. I am also thankful for garage sales.

Autumn is approaching...

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Once again I have signed myself up for way more than I can handle and I'm still terrible at documenting all of it...however, the weather is beautiful, I am blessed, and I am staying busy doing what I love..

I officially have two retail places under my belt, check them out:

OOP Gift Store in Providence, RI and Sparrows Coffee Tea & Nesstand in Grand Rapids, MI. (I work at this coffee shop so come visit...get a delicious dirty hairy.)

I'm posting an image of some of the magnets I am selling through these places, forgive me for the terrible photograph as I already mentioned I am terrible with this sort of thing.

In other news, I am teaming up with Drew Melton of JUSTLUCKY to make some pretty sweet prints in the next month so keep you eyes peeled for those...

I am also teaming up with local artist, Elizabeth Forrest to make some pretty cool bags. We have been invited to create 300 peices of work for the Women + The Arts Fundraiser at the UICA this year, and we are very excited. I will be doing the illustration and Elizabeth will be doing the sewing and construction. This is our first project together, but far from the last. Beth and I plan on teaming up this Holiday season to sell work at the Holiday Artists' Market at the UICA Dec. 4 and 5th... We will also be making stuff for all seasons and selling them online so I'll post more when we get some things made.

PS. I'm happy your are reading this. :)

I have something else for you..

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Check it out!

Chad Vickery and Joe Kolean are releasing a collection of short films this fall, called NEWWORDS. It is a series of 26 short films, each one dedicated to each letter of the alphabet.

I had the honor of partipcating on the film for the letter C this past Spring. It was an amazing time and an amazing opportunity. The film we did was stop motion animation, where the character was drawn over 600 times and a small set was built, where the character(s) was replaced every 6 or so frames. We all had a blast, made a great film, and drank entirely way too much coffee.

I hope you are as thrilled as I am to see all 26 films!


Things to come...

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So, LA was amazing. Met so many people, so many great illustrators, felt like royalty in the Langham...Many many thanks to Kendall College of Art and Design.

And next...


I am preparing an order this week for OOPS a gift shop in Rhode Island, check it out! I am making magnets and switchplates...and when Im finished with this one..Ill be submitting my work to many different shops across the country, so keep your eyes peeled!

I also just started an etsy shop. It's going slow, I know I have but only two items on there but give me time...more to come soon. Magnets, switchplates, drawings, and prints...

In other news...I am proud to say that I have been selected, along with my very great friend and amazing artist Dustin Farnsworth in the ArtKudos Annual Competition. I have him to thank for sending me the info. It's our first non-school show together...first of many..maybe someday we'll have a whole show to ourselves..creepy characters and moving objects...oooooh.

In even farther news, I will be leaving the state soon..on the 6th to work in Chicago at Market Days at the Chicago Diner..please come buy some vegan treats....and then the boy and I are off to Colorado to see the mountains.

Many great things to come. Thanks for reading..

ICON 6...sunny side up in sunny LA..

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Ill see you all in LA this my friend and fellow artist Greg Oberle and I fly out (after some amazing M Phelps pancakes) to volunteer at this years ICON 6, an illustration conference held in the beautiful state of California.

I will be working in the bookstore, no doubt, burying my face in countless art and illustration books, meeting tons of sweet professional and student illustrators, and hanging by the pool...

Friday night, I will be attending the Labor of Line opening reception, as Gallery Nucleus is putting on a show in collaboration with the attendees of ICON6. Amazing artists such as Chris Sickels and Tim O'Brien will be filing the walls, and somewhere squeezed in will be the work of yours truly. I am so so very honored. So come and check it out, I hear there will be a fantastic beer selection and taco bar...and if you can't make it, check out the work online!

Gallery Nucleus Show