This one is for the birds

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And for every other creature, so unique, so beautiful, and so fit for it's environment. I was reading last night, The Seven Wonders of the World, and one wonder is the animal kingdom. So brilliant. I learned about differing animals' ways of locomotion, temperature control, light, etc, and it blows my mind. Camels have a higher concentration of fat in their humps where the sun beats down directly, allowing for less fat in their neck, belly and legs where more heat can escape, because it's not in direct sunlight. And lizards. To stay an even temp, they will position themselves parallel or perpendicular to the suns rays depending on whether they want to heat up or cool down. 

I just think it's all brillaint. These beings, so perfect. And we spend our days thinking of money and cities and fame. Sometimes I'd rather be a snowshoe hare.

I am sharing with you today, a painting of two beautiful creatures, Melvin and Chippy. These two are the lucky pets of a good friend of mine who commissioned a painting of them for her boyfriend for Christmas. Since I'm not always good at recording process, I thought this one would be a fun one to show. It was a different process for me, as Im not used to working from photos. 

Here goes! After first skecthing out some roughs of the cat and dog, I then drew directly on the board and covered it with a layer of transparent red acrylic. 

I then filled in the background to bring the figures to the front, and proceeded to fill in the lighter areas of the animals. I usually start with the lights see where the bulk of the figure is going to be. 

Here's a close up of the white and yellow layer. 

Here's where the letters and the dark are filled in a bit more. This is all acrylic and graphite.

Notice the dog's eyes are two different colors. He really is a beautiful thing.  Here's a detail of his eyes..

I then went back in and put individual gray hair details around the eyes. This was where it started to get challenging. My paintings are usually pretty flat, and I hold myself back from doing a lot of detail. I try to keep the paintings fresh and not overdone. But I wanted this painting to feel realistic to a point..

Here's a detail of the dog's eyes with the added hairs. 

Here's the painting with little Chippy filled in. 

Here's a detail of the cat's face. He has a pretty cool pattern on his face so I tried to capture that.


The bottom wasn't working out so much for me, I didn't really care for the banner. So, I repainted a solid color on the bottom, redid the words, and added some little colorful flares. 

And voila! Here is an image of the finished painting! 

Here are a couple of other paintings I did for Christmas commissions. I was so happy to have been asked to make work for gifts. 

And here's another...

This was for a dear couple, who are both so lovely. I was happy to have been commissioned to make a piece for thier new home.

Also. One other cool thing: I found the coolest AM Oldies station last night, 1480 AM if you're in GR.  I love oldies. And when the second song I heard was Leslie Gore singing, my heart sang too. So thank you 1480 for bringing me amazing tunes while I cleaned my apt last night. 

And I suppose that's all I have for you tonight. I hope your holiday was brilliant.  More to come soon. I haven't even posted all my work from the GreenLion show yet! yikes!



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The squirrels are getting fatter

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Pretty soon they will start rolling around if the snow doens't start falling. I will sit on my porch and watch them roll and I will feel warm in my heart. Little squirrels rolling around. Man.

I am finally getting caught up with projects and shows, and realized I have so much work, that I haven't put up online yet. So I am going to share it with you little by little. 

Here is one called, "A city of their own"

And here is one called "This is Home"

And that's all I have for you today. 

More to come soon. And some exciting projects coming up in the new year: Festival psoters, book projects, large commissions and gallery shows. But for now, focus on the Holidays and your family, and how important they are to you. 

And if you see any squirrels rolling around, please contact me. It's something I'd like to witness before I die.


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The CraftSanity Paper Doll Print Collection has arrived!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Say hello to Priare, Celia, Lucy, and Charlie!


Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood of CraftSanity and I recently did a collaboration to bring you the Paper Doll Print Collection. You might recognize these little jewels from the first four issues of the magazine. If you cut them out when you got the magazine, do not fret! This limited edition archival print set includes all four paperdolls. Each one is 8x8", ready to frame, and hand-signed by both Jennifer and I. You can buy them here!


If you have any questions about purchasing the prints, or are located in Grand Rapids and would rather buy them in person, I would be more than happy to arrange that. 

On my way to paint! Our studio is feeling warmer than ever. Well yeah, because we got the heater turned on and the gas leak fixed..but also! Because having an event in your space makes everyone get cleaned and organized. People leave lanterns in there (thank you!) and the coffee table we rigged from an old broken dolley in the hallway made a great addition to the space that we just could not get rid of. Voila!

Happy day! Try and pretend the raindrops are snowflakes. 

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Hi Friends

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I have much to tell you but Im only going to spit out a little for tonight. 

First off, thank you thank you to everyone who attended (and attempted to attend but got lost trying to find the venue) my opening last thursday the Gerbens Art Loggia. It was amazing to see new faces, meet new people. Wow. To meet someone that knows my work but doesn't know me..I could have just exploded. Thats a good feeling. People are so grand. So thanks again, everyone who is so supportive. If you missed out on the show and would like to see it, it'll be up until Feb get your holiday on, don't worry about art shows..there will be time enough when everything quiets down again. 

But I speak too soon! As there is an awesome art show going on this very Friday at the Nice Gallery. I'm sure most of you are aware, if if you are not, the 100 Grand Show is a show not to be missed. 100 Artists. 100 pieces. All 100 Dollars each. Im stealing this verbatim from the posters, which, in their design glory, outshines my words by far..but! You should come. Check out more details here.  Here is a wee little detail of the painting I will have up at the show. 

And I suppose thats all I have for you right now. Many more projects in the works, many more words to send out to you lovely supportive people, but for now, I need to deliver this late painting! Yikes!


Sleep warm tonight.

Shows and Markets and Shows

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So three big events are down on my calendar, and two more to go! I can see the end in sight. 

This past weekend was the UICA Artists Market, which was a great turnout in the new building. I sat next to Robyn Kane, who makes brilliant jewelry. We talked about marriage and art and animal rights. Great great weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported all of the artists. I saw some familiar faces and met some new ones, so it was a great time!

Here are some of the Little Fridge Friends that I was selling there. I'll have an updated image of all the magnets as soon as things slow down. 

I also debuted the Little Coloring Friends, which includes five coloring cards, and two litle crayons. To see the whole collection, check out the illustration tab on my site..Here's one of the cards..

Now that the market is finished, I have been putting the finishing touches on my solo show, which opens tomorrow at the Gerbens Art Loggia in the Devos Arts and Worship Center. I am hoping you can all make it down, the reception runs from 7pm to 9pm. 

And this would be a good time to send you in the direction of Oliver's Observatory (The Blog and Observations of Dr. Oliver H. Evans) Dr. Evans is the former president of Kendall College of Art and Design, where I recently graduated. I am honored to be part of this blog, and am so happy with the well presented article about my work and upcoming show. Check out the article here.

For this show, I was able to do some line drawings, which have been refreshing after painting so much. They are just so much...cleaner and simpler in a way. Here are a couple sneak peaks of the new work!



Hugs to everyone who comes! 

Now, you may remember the paperdolls who made their way into the last four CraftSanity issues. Well Priare, Celia, Lucy and Charlie are making yet another appearance. Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood and I started this collaboration over a year ago. The brilliant writer that she is, Jennifer formulated ideas and words for the illustrations, and I visually created the characters and their clothes and respected artistic materials. These prints are sold in 8"x8" sets, and ready to frame. Since I am not as good at words, I am going to direct you to her blogpost about this awesome collaboration. 

In the latest issue of CraftSanity, you will find a new collaboration! An embroidary project accompanied by a warm winter illustration.

I wish it would snow, it would make this feel even cozier! I will have the paperdoll prints up for sale soon on my site, but if you simply cannot wait and you would like to purchase some for yourself or as a gift, you can pick some up here

Speaking of gifts..if you're in the market for awesome handmade goodies, free up your Friday night! The Handmade Collective is presenting the Handmade Holiday Party, and it's taking place in the shared studio space I work in! There are about 10 artists that are going to be there, selling work and hanging out. Also, I hear that if you dress festively, you will recieve 10% off your purchase! Come, relax, meet artists, see and buy great work for people you like, and bring your own beer if you'd like. We will have refreshements and holiday can you say no to that? 

Ok. I think that's it. Or I suppose it has to be. If you know me then you know what a disaster my studio usually is...and if we are planning an event in there on Friday, I have got some serious cleaning to do! 

Thanks for reading all. Have a perfect night...You Michiganders, enjoy the weather before the snow comes, because once it know it'll be around for a loong time. 



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Let me also tell you..

Posted on by Rebecca Green

This Thursday, the first of December, is the Uptown Holiday Shop Hop. If you in the market for amazing gifts and goodies, you should stop down. And while you're down there, be sure to head into Byrneboehm Gallery, where you can find the 6x6 show, along with a variety of other beautiful orginal pieces of work. I have a number of smaller paintings on display right now, so be sure to stop and check them out :) 

Here is are a couple of pieces from that show!

You and Me Against the World

Ill always be here for you

So many beautiful creatures

Have a beautiful Tuesday!

Time, where have you gone?!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

SO many things going on. First and foremost let me apologize to everyone I owe a hello or an email to! I am so behind, and have been working nonstop. Let me break it down. 

The Silent Stair opening was a blast! We had an excellent turnout, thank you to everyone who came out. I hope you took some bananas..and I hope you liked the art too. This is GreenLion's last show, so make sure you stop in to see the space before it comes down.  Here's a couple of images from the opening for those of you who we didn't see there. 

Photo by BJ Johnson

This is Perry and I finishing up the walls the day before the opening. 


Photo by Jenny Clauson

Photo by Jenny Clauson

Packed to the brim. What a great turnout!


Photo by Jenny Clauson

I love this picture of Perry. She's the one in white. So purdy. 


Photo by Jenny Clauson

And these are some cool dudes (who also are great artists) who are standing on the opposite side of the gallery, where Steve and Adam Close were showing as well. 


Photo by Jenny Clauson

This is the man with the plan. 

Photo by Jenny Clauson

So..Thank you again, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. 

If you couldn't make it that weekend but would still like to see the show, it will be up until Dec 10, and the gallery is open on  the weekends. This weekend, the 2nd and 3rd would be a perfect time to stop in...while your on your way to or from the UICA Holiday Market (where I will be selling work) or the Holly Jolly, which is another festivity going on downtown. 

And that does, I suppose, naturally bring us into talking about the Holiday Artists Market, or HAM as it's unpleasantly the UICA! All of the artists met tonight to see their booth spaces in the new facility, and it really got me pumped. Usually it's snowing by now and since it's not, it's hard to get all Christmassy.  There's over 50 amazing artists there selling paintings, jewely, home goodies, prints..and tons more.

This year I will have, of course, the Little Fridge Friend Collection, greeting cards, ornaments, paintings, and a new little project I have been busy creating: Little Coloring Friends. I will be selling loose coloring sheets for those of you who want to revisit the joys of coloring we all had as children. Here's a sneak peak of one of the pages.


Other exciting news for the UICA Market: Jennifer from CraftSanity and I will be debuting out Paperdoll Print Collections! She unfortunately won't be there with me, as she will be attending another sale in Detroit, but we will be debuting them in spirit together! These pups are limited editions, thats right! Only 50 will be made. 

The Paperdoll Prints come from the last four issues of CraftSanity Magazine, which began last winter with Priare, the girl who loved to sew. Follwing her, were Celia, Lucy and Charlie. The Print Collection is available as an 8x8" set, and is printed on archival paper. Jennifer took a snapshot of the proofs..they are so close to being ready!

Photo by Jennifer of CraftSanity

And...I think that's all I can muster up, as I sit now at 2 am in the morning on a cold kitchen floor, to a faceless and perhaps non-existent audience. If you're out there, I hope you are staying warm!


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Posted on by Rebecca Green

Tonight is The Silent Stair at GreenLion Gallery...which I want to see you at. 

Perry and I are sharing with you, all of our valuables. Our treasures. Our paintings. And I'm giving away free bananas. Umm..why wouldn't you come?

We also did a little ditty on the wall. If you like clothes on creatures, please come.

Photo by BJ Johnson

See you there. If I don't, I will drink a beer and cheers to you. 


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Let's hang out Saturday night.

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Image by BJ Johnson

Peregrine and I started hanging work yesterday at GreenLion for our show opening this Saturday. I have to say, it's the funnest I've ever had hanging a show. I've never been able to have free rein of a paint on the walls, write on the windows. And I sure have never drawn on the walls beside another artist (not to mention one so talented). So needless to say, we are pumped, or at least I am. Im thinking it's a show you need to be at. No. I know it is. So mark it on your calendars. Saturday. 6 to 10. You're busy. Tell them you're hanging with us for the evening.


Tomorrow morning I am finishing the holiday design at Paperdoll in Rockford! I have had a ton of fun handpainting ornaments, stringing cupcake papers and painting the windows. I'll have more pictures soon of the finished design!


Then...the UICA Artists Market on the 2/3 of Dec. and then...


I have some paintings in the works for my upcoming solo show at Grand Rapids Christian High School which opens December 8! Events back to back to back. I really would love to see you there...the reception starts at 6. The show will feature paintings...but I am thinking I will throw a couple of framed pencil drawings in there as well. And I might be playing the Amelie soundtrack. And I'll bring hummus. If that won't bring you, you're hopeless. 


I also met up with some of the gals from the Handmade Collective tonight to plan the Handmade Holiday Party coming up on Dec 9. Here's the spectacular poster...thank you and nice job Lindsay for being so cool and for providing such sweet work. 

Design by Lindsay Jones

Come join us..not just for a sale..but a little holiday celebration. It should be a blast.

And then the closing for Greenlion on the 10th.

And then on the 11th, it will be my day of rest. I will sit in my jams and eat pancakes and maybe watch arrested development reruns all day long. All day.  



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Stale popcorn by the goffu.

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I made it last night, the popcorn, but somehow it taste better tonight. Reminds me of my sister who always liked stale popcorn. The goffu is what I used to call the garbage. Now its called, "the office" since it's the only place in our apartment that we can snipe a bit of interweb usage from some poor unassuming neighbor. 

Tonight was the show opening at Byrneboehm, great turnout...thanks for everyone who stopped by! Thank you Allie for coming along and being such a trooper amongst all the art school talk. We did talk about Bill Murray and Zombies too, so it was tingling entertainment all around. 

For now, I shall share with you some progress on the paperdoll store, and some pieces I have been working on for my show this coming Saturday with Peregrine. 

This is a little drawer full of old lightbulbs that I painted with white designs and snowflakes. It's going to be next to the little sticks and branches that I painted white and planted in 'snow' by the store entrance. 

And here are some pieces I have been working on for The Silent Stair..

Little Cutie and her cats. I think I am going to title it, "Some little souls should stick around"

And...a little lightbulb person, which is part of a piece which consists of 30 different drawings.

And I think my fella is home! Gonna grab some sleep to I can wake up and have Saturday morning pancakes! Have a perfect night!


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It's Snowing Already?!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Last night I whipped out Tammy Wynette's Christmas album. Although it may be the cheesiest album cover known to man, I just have a special place in my heart for this gal. I have to keep up on my Christmas tunes if I am to ever get everything done by the end of the year. 

First and foremost, tonight is Byrneboehm's 6x6 Show! Stop by from 6 to 10 and check out new works by a handfull of amazing local artists. What is better than buying one-of-a-kind paintings for your loved ones at Christmas? Nothing. Cept Cookies.


Next weekend, keep your Saturday night free, becasue Peregrine and I have a show coming up at Greenlion Gallery on Fulton Street. If you are in the market for glitter frames or painted fan blades, this is the show for you.


Another place to find some great handmade gifts will be the UICA Artists' Market, coming up on December 2 & 3. I will be there, along with about 50+ other artists. This will be my fourth year particpating, and the new building's first, so if you haven't checked out the new space, this will be a perfect way to kiss two birds with stone.

On top of this, I am also creating a Holiday installation at Paperdoll in Rockford. It's to be finished on Sunday, so I will have pictures to show you soon. I am really liking doing work in interior spaces. It's a bit of a new challenge but I am loving it all the same. 

Wow. Everyone I know is busy! Today: Congratulations to my brother Tim, who just received his Truck Driving License. I am so proud of you!

Have a wonderful day everyone, and hopefully I will see all of you tonight at Byrneboehm!





black coffee and puppy chow

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Woke up this morning at my mother's house to black coffee, as always. So cozy. We spent, along with my sisters, all day yesterday crafting icicles and balloon nets to be used as decoration for the winter installation at Paperdoll, the clothing store in Rockford where I was hired to decorate for the holidays. 

The crafts were a bit frustrating, I'll admit, as we were doing projects none of us had ever done before. I don't advise that on a tight schedule, but I've got some good ideas to pull it all together. The piece will be done by Wednesday night, so be sure to stop down and check it out if you're in the neighborhood. 

My poor mother had to use gasoline to get all the paint off of her little champion. And my felon sister walked into a department store and took 50 (free) paint stirrers. My mom asked how she got them out of the store with no one inquiring. She simply said, "I had a big bag". Thieves for Christmas. Sounds like a charity.

So, after this project is finished, it is off to sell work at Beneath the Tree, where Elizabeth Forrest and I will be selling OH DEAR stockings and bags. I will also have some cards there! (Holiday cards...yes!)

Later in the evening on the 11th, Byrneboehm is having an opening reception for 6x6, a Holiday Show. This is one you will want to be at. 

And then one week later is The Silent Stair opening. 

And then my chest might cave in from stress and paint fumes.

Gotta run and bust out some sketches. Early to rise.

Good night lovely people of the Earth. 

The leaves are falling fast!

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Seems as if it's that time of year, where everything and every day just flies right by! 

Im going to give you a quick little update about whats going on in the world of Rebecca Green Illustration. I have been jam packed with work, which I am grateful for. But I think this is the tipping point? I may go insane soon. 

One thing I am totally stoked about is joining the newly formed, Handmade Collective. Its a group, though six of us starting, may grow to include other artists of all genres. We are going to meet, have open discussions, critiques, teach each other new processes and have little handmade sales along the way. Our first event as a group is the Handmade Holiday Party, which is December 9th in the hallway of my studio space! You should defineitly come and check it out, as we are having treats, music, and many different kinds of handmade goods. And I hear if your festively dressed, you get 10% off your purchase? Whip out those snowflake sweaters, you're going to save some money! (and stay warm, as it will be chilly in the hallway...haha)

I'm so lucky to be joining such an awesome group of artists..let me share with you some of their work!

Aneka Ingold

 Elizabeth Forrest

 Emilie Tromp

 Lindsay Jones

 Erin Lenau

And myself!  Come check the show out, we'll also have other artists selling work and hanging out as well. Check back to get an updated list of all the artists that will be there! 

That's all I have in me for tonight. Super busy weekend. My next day off is..Thanksgiving. :) Tofurkey you're gonna taste so swell. 

I've gotta get off of here and change the god forsaken music in the living room that Matt has fallen asleep to. 


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Watched the sun come up again...

Posted on by Rebecca Green

But this time, I watched Life Aquatic while it was coming up, and actually finished it this time. These are things you can do while you are stringing dozens of cupcake papers on twine.               I can't believe Ned dies. 

Let me start, oh yeah, well, Happy Halloween. Im going to listen to Christmas music today to get my ars in gear. 

Ok, now, let me start again...from the back and work my way up.

I came across some process photos I thought would be fun to share, for the Hot Chocolate factory illustration for CraftSanity magazine. I wanted little snowflakes on the outsides of the window, so I taped up the edges, laid down frisket on the girl's face and hat, and then bunched little pieces of fabric to lay in the middle to keep the snowflakes from the centers. 

Then I misted white spray paint over the painting. I made it snow!

And voila, you have snow on the outside. Of course, I had to lay in the darks again on the windows, and I added some thin white lines too. When the next issue of the magazine is released, you can see the whole image!

I also just sent out more than 6 dozen greeting cards around the city, and a couple online. If you are interested in purchasing some, go here!  

Making their way out of the studio!

What else do I have for you? Little caterpillar chair that I painted last week. 

And...another project I am starting this week may explain why I am stringing mass amounts of cupcake papers and coffee filter on twine. I have been asked to design the holiday/winter set up for the Paperdoll store in Rockford. This is the store's new home after moving from it's previous location, and I am super exited about being asked to do this. I've got plans for the ceiling, plans for the windows, and perhaps a little plan to make a little winter rabbit...

I'm getting so organized, I'm even putting different projects in different folders. Can't you be so proud?

Jellyfish Cupcake Sea!

These little frosties will be added to the ceiling along with the snowflakes and bulbs. Check back to see the process and the finished set up, or better yet, go to the store! (they have adorable clothes and accessories)

Meanwhile, in my spare time (?) I am painting away for The Silent Stair show, which is approaching fast, November 19th! Come to 150 Fulton street to check it out at GreenLion Gallery! 

Made the coffee in the perculator this morning, I need much more than my press pot can give me!

Ps. I read yesterday if you get a bat in your house, (after all, it is Halloween) it's best to turn the lights off and open the doors. I stupidly never thought of that, but chasing a blind bat in the light makes them sad and frightened. Makes me sad too.






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