Writings of a Young Girl

I can finally share with you the huge project that consumed all of November. I got an email asking me if I was available to create a Christmas gift for a certain granddaughter. Upon meeting this Grandfather, Ted, I knew I definitely had to say yes. Not only is he an established author (who has dined with Bob Hope, and golfed with Bing Crosby!) but his granddaughter, Josie, I found out, is a serious ball of talent at the age of 10! 


The book is a collection of poems, short stories, songs, and thoughtful writings. I had the pleasure of creating the book from cover to cover. I whipped out my rusty InDesign Skills and put them to the test. The book was printed by Blurb, and I couldn't be happier with the result. Wrap around hard cover with premium matte pages...It feels incredibly cool to hold a real book that we all put so much work into. Not to mention, young Josie bawled when she opened her gift, which she told me, "...was the first time I ever cried because I was happy!"


Projects like this make me love my job. Even more than I already do. I met one of the coolest families that welcomed Matt and I into their home. And the best part - this is just the beginning!


To check out more of the book, visit the section on my site called, Writings of a Young Girl! I need to snag a picture of the author too, for you. She is the sweetest thing. 

A New Happy Wednesday Painting

It is called 'It was unlikely, but beautiful' which is how I feel about what I know of the entire universe. 

Mixed Media on Panel, 6.5x8.5"

Mixed Media on Panel, 6.5x8.5"


It's headed to Lafontsee Gallery this week, along with a couple of other new paintings.

This week I am also doing a mural on the exterior of our studio wall! I painted in the lines last night with the help of my studio mate, Abbey, and will start filling in today. Here's a detail from the original sketch. Ill keep you posted today on the progress!


Little Holiday Hellos

Today I took the morning off to sing to my cat and make Christmas cards. Here are a couple that I will share with you.
Days like this make me wish that a career as an elf was really viable.