Material Girl

For the winter issue of Material Girl, I was invited to do an interview called, "The Day I..." I chose to illustrate the day that I found numerous treasures in my grandparents, Sid and Ada's abandoned house. I found clothes and dishes that had been lying there for over twenty years! Here is a real life photo of my bounty and the illustration. Along with the interview in the magazine that Mori found. <3 


The magazine in printed in Austria, but you can buy it online. It's a really beautiful publication. When I get a second, I'll take a better photo of the spread. For now, this is all I got.

Stay cozy! Happy December Wednesday!

All Talk

I've been talking! And will be talking again! First, let me share the two interviews I was kindly invited to do this month...


Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 4.39.26 PM.png


And the talk to come: Marlee Grace of Have Company has invited me to do an artist talk and demo in her store in Grand Rapids, MI (my favorite city). If you're there, I would love to see you Dec 30th at 6pm down at the store on Division. I will be talking, selling prints through Lafontsee Gallery, and a lucky winner will get to take home the demo painting. Just for showing up!  

Have Company! Photo: Marlee Grace

Have Company! Photo: Marlee Grace


Now I just have to muster up my social skills, as lately I just spend every day talking to my dog. 


Professionally Speaking

This month I have an illustration in Professionally Speaking Magazine. It was a very fun one to do, and I am thankful for it! 

Check out the sketch and the final below, and you can see more details on the regular gallery page on my site!


Agh! Back to work. Much to do before this Christmas - we will be driving back to Michigan and I cannot wait to see my family and my GR family!