Holiday Happiness

This summer I had the opportunity to create a gift card for Meijer, which is a store in the Midwest. It's a store that I love, and I miss, now that I live very far away from one. It was kind of crazy making such a cozy holiday illustration in the heat of July, but that's the way the world works. They did a beautiful job printing it, and to keep the look of the painting, the card is printed with a matte coating. Here's the sketch, the final and the card!!

Warmest Wishes for your Holiday Season. I hope you find the time to cherish the day, be with people that lift you up, and find some magic in ordinary places. 

There are Colors in my Head: A Print Extravaganza

This fall, I was invited to collaborate with a sweet little print shop around the corner from my studio called Banshee Press.  The owners/printers, Ava and Britt, collaborated with five local artists to create three prints each: A large 2/3 color letterpress print, and two smaller single color letterpress prints, each one in an edition of 25.

The prints will be available for sale at the show, and will also be available for purchase online through Banshee's site. 

Here are my smaller pieces! 

Girl in a Patterned Blouse, 8x10" single color letterpress, hand detailed with colored pencil, gouache, and gold acrylic. Edition of 25, signed and numbered. $45 ea. 


A Boy and his Cephalopod, 8x10" single color letterpress, hand detailed with colored pencil and gold acrylic. Edition of 25, signed and numbered. $45 ea. 

I will share the large print with you on Friday! If you're in Denver, I hope to see you at the opening - as there is going to be some serious talent there. 


Writing Fast Ruby

Here is a piece I worked on this Fall, called Writing Fast Ruby. I created it for Erik Michaels-Ober who used the illustrations in a presentation at Tech Conferences, this specific presentation being on Ruby, the computer programming language. 

This was an interesting project, as I was originally clueless about computer programming. I still am clueless, but now when I think of programming, I'll be thinking of a little red head surrounded by lots of friends who come out of the forest to write code. 

Here are some sketches and some of the finals combined. 

 Happy Saturday my cherubs!