1. Do you take portrait or personal commissions? 

Unfortunately I am currently not accepting personal/pet portrait commissions. 


1. How did you get started in Illustration?

I graduated with my BFA in illustration from KCAD in 2010. Upon graduating, I did a lot of gallery shows, artist markets, and volunteering events. Through those, I was able to meet designers and art directors. It took a while for everything to get off the ground. At first I was doing every job that came my way - including set building, window displays, and ice sculpture design. Each job has taught me something new and I've worked my way through galleries, editorial jobs, animation jobs, and book jobs. Happy to say I'd like to stay in the book world for a very long while. 

2. What's the hardest thing to draw? 

Horses for sure. They have such distinct and impossible shapes! 

3. How did you get an agent? 

I applied to many agents at first with no response. Looking back, my work was not suited towards commercial work, since I was doing a lot of gallery work. After months of looking, I decided to focus my attention on my portfolio and to make work I wanted to be hired for. I was contacted shortly after by an editorial agency and was with them for two years. I am now signed on with Tugeau2 Illustration Agency which focuses more on children’s publishing. It took 4-5 years for me to build a strong enough body of work to enter into the children's market. 

4. How do you find an illustration style? 

I haven't found it or it keeps changing - always a little out of reach. For me, it’s been a slow and steady process with small epiphanies throughout the progression. What I paint today is the way I like to work but that will continue to morph. If you could have seen my work 5 years ago, you might not recognize it as mine and the same thing might be true in 5 more years. My advice on style - don’t stress it, steal it, or force it. Just play around with your work and find what you like making. Your style will evolve to suit YOU. 

5. What inspires your work? 

Ordinary or real world events, people, places, and things that once shifted in perspective, become magical bits of potential. It’s rare for me to just dream up a story that doesn’t have a grounding in real life. Once I take the little piece of inspiration, I start painting and by the time I’m done, usually the story and the character have morphed so much that it doesn’t seem set in real life at all. 

6. What does a typical day look like? 

I wake early around 5:30 am, put on coffee and start working by 7 am. I have so much creative energy and attention in the morning. I have a studio with other artists where I work everyday and sometimes I take my dog, Mori, to work with me. (Dream come true) In the morning I try to focus on creative work - sketching, drawing, painting. I take a lunch break at noon and walk Mori. If I don't have too much drawing to do, I use the afternoons to catch up on emails and business stuff.  I end around 5 or so and spend my night cooking, working out, reading, and exploring. Finding a consistent work routine has literally done wonders for the amount of work I get done. 

7. What materials do you use? 

Usually colored pencils, gouache, and graphite on smooth bristol paper. 

8. Most importantly, why do you loathe cilantro? 

It's a gene thing. Soap. Feet. All the wrong tastes. 


1. How often do you ship items? 

Though I will typically ship items sooner, please allow 5-7 business days for your item to ship. Since I am a one woman business, I only ship items once a week - on Fridays. 

2. Why can't you ship large framed original art outside of the US? 

Shipping glass is not easy domestically, much less overseas. If you are interested in large framed artwork and live outside of the US, please email me and we can talk about purchasing the artwork unframed. 

3. What items do you sell? 

In my shop, I sell primarily prints and a few originals. Future items to be added might include greeting cards, notebooks, sketches, or one of a kind handmade objects. Who knows?!

4. Do you refund items? 

If you are unhappy with your purchase, I am happy to offer a full refund on return of the item, so long as it is in new condition. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.